Advantages of using Hauler vs. a traditional moving company or U-Haul

  1. Moving companies are expensive
  2. Hauler has no minimum
  3. Comes with labor to help move heavy items within the house
  4. Comes with help unloading a truck in a new city
  5. Comes with help loading a truck before you move away
  6. Hauler is more diverse because we do more than just assist in relocation.

Take a look at the current process of renting a truck yourself at U-Haul:

  1. Drvie to U-haul in your own vehicle
  2. Wait in Line
  3. Fill out paperwork
  4. Get the U-haul (if available)
  5. Go back to the Pickup Destination
  6. Transport to the dropoff location
  7. Dropoff the item
  8. Go get gas and fill up the truck
  9. Return the U-haul
  10. Get the inspection before you leave
  11. Get in your own car to go back home

Other things to consider:

  • U-haul does not have an app
  • Convenience of having an extra set of hands to help you move
  • Forced to buy boxes at higher prices than other cardboard distributors
  • Rent their blankets, dollys, hand trucks at extra marked up prices
  • Suckered into buying insurance at U-haul
  • Misleading truck dimensions