Here are the most frequently asked questions about Hauler Moving:


I don’t have a truck; can I hire on as a laborer?

Yes, you can hire on as a laborer and will be compensated for time only. Tips are split evenly between workers and drivers.

What cities are you currently working in?

We are currently operating in the Denver Metro area

Can I ride as a passenger?

No, our insurance does not cover passengers.

Do I need to help load the item?

Yes, the person requesting the work should help with their move when possible. Hauler is developing software to request two people at the same time.

How many items can be taken in one order?

As many items that will safely fit.

What happens if the item arrives damaged?

Every load is insured so you know your belongings are safe.

My item doesn’t fit?

The user must make sure the item they need delivered will fit. The driver and worker will be compensated for their effort on the work.

How much does Hauler cost?

$30/hr/person + $2.25/mile/truck. Tips are appreciated

When and how do I pay?

All payments are handled safely and securely through the app.

What types of trucks are there?

Pickup trucks, SUVs, and vans are the primary moving and delivery vehicles. Hauler can also rent a truck on your behalf which will be extra.

How can I sign up as a driver?

Is it Safe?

All of our drivers are background checked and insured.

How does it work?

Download the app and follow the steps. You can learn more right here in “How it works”